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Past Presidents

S.NoNameQualificationAddressWorking Duration
1Dr. D.Changal RoyM.S., M.CH, FIAMSVisakhapatnam1989-1991
2Dr. A.V.S.ReddyM.S., M.CH, FIAMSHyderabad1991-1992
3Dr. B.V.Ramaraju M.S., M.CH Hyderabad1992-1993
4Dr. D.Vyasanarayana RaoM.S., M.CH, DGS Hyderabad1993-1994
5Dr. R.VasanthKrishna M.S., M.CH Hyderabad1994-1995
6Dr. C.Nageswara RaoM.S., FRCS, FACS Vijayawads1995-1996
7Dr. (Lt.Col) K.M.Krishna Rao M.S., M.CH, MNAMS, FICS, FAMS, FAIS Visakhapatnam1996-1997
8Dr. K.S.N.CharyM.S., M.CH, MNAMS Guntur1997-1998
9Dr. K.Eswar Goud M.S., M.CH Hyderabad1998-1999
10 Dr. R.RamadasM.S., M.CH Visakhapatnam1999-2000
11Dr. D.V.S.S.Rama Murthy M.S., M.CH Visakhapatnam2000-2001
12Dr. Revathi M.S., M.CH Hyderabad2001-2002
13Dr. K.Rama Raju M.S., M.CH Hyderabad2002-2003
14Dr. T.V.Narayana Rao M.S., M.CH, DNB Rajahmundry2003-2004
15Dr. Rawoof MAMS, D.Uro Hyderabad2004-2005
16Dr. V Raj Gopal M.S., M.CH Hyderabad2005-2006
17Dr. Sarath Kumar M.S., M.CH Rajhamundry 2006-2007
18Dr. P V L N Murthy M.S., M.CH Hyderabad2007-2008
19Dr. Jayaram reddy M.S., M.CH Hyderabad2008-2009
20Dr. Mohan Raju M.S., M.CH Nellore2009-2010
21Dr. Visweswar rao M.S., M.CHGuntur2010-2011
22Dr. Prashant Kumar M.S., M.CH Vijayawada2011-2012
23Dr. B Surya Prakash M.S., M.CH Hyderabad 2012-2013
24Dr. A M V Chalapati Raju M.S., M.CH Bhimavaram 2013-2014
25Dr. O Ramesh M.S., M.CH Tirupathi 2014-2015
26Dr. C. Mallikarjuna M.S., M.CH Hyderabad2015-2016
27Dr. CH Subba Rao M.S., M.CH Visakhapatnam2016-2017
28Dr. K Gurunadha Rao M.S., M.CH Khammam2017-2018
29Dr. S V S Rao M.S., M.CH Kakinada2018-2019
30 Dr.K.Purna chandra ReddyM.S., M.CHHyderabad2019-2020
31Dr.N.Mallikarjuna ReddyM.S.,M.CHHyderabad2020-2021

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We welcome you to the official website of SOCIETY OF GENITO URINARY SURGEONS (SOGUS) of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The site contains information related to the society’s activities, conferences, elections, awards, and functions including a comprehensive directory of members and information related to various genitourinary diseases and their treatment.